Dynasoft TTS

Dynasoft TTS software have helped global travel agencies grow very fast. TTS software technically, is an windows travel & tourism reservation system, which lets travel & tourism agents or end users search, book and manage travel related things efficiently and accurately.

TTS software is customized to meet the day to day needs of travel agents / travel agencies and end customers. Starting from the initial search, availability response, selection summary, payment & PNR / voucher generation, everything can be managed and amendments through back end. Our clients in travel and tourism domain includes top travel agencies, tour operators, airlines,  booking portals, destination management companies and inbound agents. Our TTS software ensures about security, reliability and quality of travel business. Year in year out we continue our work striving to improve and update our software for the benefit of our clients.

TTS Products Capabilities

Travel Services Management

  • Table of routes, hotels, visa, and tourism programs with wide querying and grouping capabilities
  • Various reservation reports
  • Sales report (visual graphs)

Invoicing system

  • Create an invoice with auto-generated ID and invoice type
  • Dollar currency support only
  • Invoice of reservations automatically manages the provider and customer accounts
  • Receipt management per invoice and per account
  • Invoices report with wide filtering options and per user data query
  • Print invoice in A4 or A5 as desired
  • Invoice Editing available with regard to user privileges
  • Special Receipts interface and print

Providers Management

  • Allow to add/edit/delete Providers with their information. Balances are calculated automatically
  • Providers’ reports cover all aspects of dealing: invoices, payments, debts, and statement
  • Providers are categorized as ticket issuers, Hotels, visa, and tourism programs
  • 8300+ routes with the national abbreviation standards distributed over 16 airlines are ready to use
  • Payments management

Customers Management

  • Allow to add/edit/delete Customers with their information. Balances are calculated automatically
  • Customers’ reports cover all aspects of dealing: invoices, receipts, debts, commissions, and statement
  • Payments management

Accounting Management

  • Financial assets management
  • Expenses management
  • Money transfer
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Cash flow statement
  • Income statement

Dynamic Setup

  • Logo and invoices/reports’ header information
  • Categorizing tickets, hotels, visa, and tourism programs per providers
  • Users’ management that includes their credentials and privileges with activity recording
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