DynasoftSIS is web based management software for educational institutions for learning, administration and management activities. It manages all elements of institution information system including students, courses, exams and teachers, employees.


We provide separate Login facility by giving online Student Login, Employee Staff Login, Parent Login & School Administrator Login. We also provide complete integration with Mobile Bulk SMS, E-Mail and even provide Web and Mobile Apps for Schools. DynasoftSIS is developed on the concepts of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Package) model and covers each and every department of your school.
DynasoftSIS is a web based software which can be used by internet or intranet, which means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. There is no additional setup required and required on school premises, no worries to backup your data and no worries of securing it. All you need to do is to sign up for a an account and start using it.

Why to use DynasoftSIS?


DynasoftSIS engineered to be highly customizable to adapt the specific needs of your institute.

Secure & Reliable

It is built on security guidelines for modern web applications. Also, the data is restricted by various access permissions. Moreover, We make daily backups of your data and you have also options to take your own backups.

Data Availability

Being truly web-based the school data can accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime

Multiple Language Support

DynasoftSIS is available with RTL & LTR support, which means it fully supports URDU.

24/7 Support

No matter where you are, our team is available to help you with any issues or queries. However, You don't need experienced team to manage a automated solution. Even if you are stuck anywhere our robust support system will take you out of any problem.

Improves Communications and Coordination

Using DynasoftSIS online can lead to significant productivity improvements. It can be used by laptops as well as any smart device and can even be integrated with an iPhone. This highly rises the productivity rate as all employees will have the same latest update of software and data. On the other hand, the communications capability in DynasoftSIS encourages interaction and team problem solving, particularly with software that offers the opportunity to remind, and message online.

Secured Portal

Part of the Unified Communications strategy, DynasoftSIS provides 24x7 access to pre identified information to different types of users: Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants and Administrators. The system has already assigned access levels avoiding you the trouble to do so for every user. The same login portal intelligently identifies the type of user based on their access credentials- reducing complexity to manage and administer your SIS.

Wide range of features

DynasoftSIS manages multiple school Branches information, student data management, fee management, teachers, Library and stock management as well in independent modules. This approach keeps pace up with the most modern school management techniques.

  • Guardian registration including emails, phones, general info, payment agreements with the ability to make installments….
  • Student registration including general info, contacts, languages, classes, tuitions, transportation.
  • Sponsor registration with Students links
  • Complete online access to all possible stakeholders (i.e. student, teacher, parent, administrator, etc)
  • Access to DynasoftSIS from anywhere, at anytime, and through any infrastructure (Mac or Windows or any operating systems)
  • One database fully integrated with all possible functions within the complete Enterprise school system
  • Parents can track all of their childrens' activities including attendance, grading, and achievement
  • Online integration of academic and social calendars among the stakeholders (i.e. teacher, student, parent, administrator etc.)
  • Full customization to suit the needs of each school.
  • Multiple Schools and Multiple Session Management through single database.
  • Track Students/Employees Attendance system
  • Students/Employees Evaluation system
  • Full Library Management system
  • Calendar/Events Management
  • Phone SMS Messaging
  • Full integrated Payroll System
  • Full Dynamic Inventory System
  • Built in Mailing System
  • Bulk Upload Students/Employees photos
  • Excel Import/Export data
  • Easy Guardian Payment agreement
  • e-Document management system
  • pre-admission system
  • Easy Agenda Followup
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