Dynasoft MCS

MCS (Medical Center Management Software) is a web application designed for managing Clinic/medical centers, can be used on an intranet and/or internet using SQL Server for Database and plus C# and RDLC report tool.



MCS software supports multiple language Arabic and English.

Multiple Users

Multiple users and permissions can be identified by software administrator

Multiple Centers

MCS software can manage unlimited centers in different locations at one time

Dynamic and flexible Setup

forms includes information for general Settings, Reservations Types, Tests, Doctors, Testers, Patients, ...

Full Reservation Cycle

  • Tracking of all status changes
  • Ability to check reservation history log at any time

Patient’s Previews

  • Doctor can make Medicine Prescription and transform it to center pharmacy
  • Doctor can make Laboratory Analysis request and post it to center laboratory tests
  • Doctor can make Sonar Analysis request and post it to center sonar tests

Doctor Clinic Management

  • Doctor can preview his patient’s according to automatic counter
  • Doctor can send recipe to Pharmacy, Laboratory and Sonar
  • Doctor can view patient preview’s history
  • Doctor can know his financial balance statement

Pharmacy Record Management

Watch and Print Medicine Prescriptions send by doctors to give medicines to their patients

Laboratory & Sonar Record Management

To do patient analysis requests by doctors and fill results back to them

Doctor's Wages Payment

Paying doctor’s wages based on system calculated amounts for doctor’s previews


  • Setup Revenues and expenses accounts.
  • Registration of Revenues and expenses in all details.
  • Ability to issue statement of account, trial balance and Profit & Loss statements
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