Dynasoft ERP

DynasoftERP is a web-based Business Management Software that collect, store and manage data from the business activates of small and medium sized enterprises. This ERP is a strategic tool that unifies and manages the core process of a business to improve client and supplier interactions as well as equipping the business with well-defined and controlled processes. However, this comprehensive system is a substitute for traditional hand tools in conducting calculations, providing the user with qualitative transition in the work of daily, monthly and annual accounts. The program provides a distinctive user interface to facilitate access to all program features away from complex data entry and subsequent extraction steps to get business reports.

ERP Database

ERP system rely on a central database from which all applications retrieve information. This provides all users with a single source of truth, ensuring all departments and teams work with the same set of information.


ERP applications are fully integrated and work together seamlessly. This means users are be able to go from one part of the system to another without feeling completely lost or like it’s a different application. This also means the applications are freely share information with one another in real time. ERP role is to eliminate redundancies in any system and provide up-to-the-minute information.

Modules Features & Functions

Accounting Management System

  • Customer Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Deposits
  • Budgeting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Advanced Cost Centers
  • Expense Management
  • General Ledger
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Multiple Users Support
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Financial transactions and management
  • Financial assets management
  • Multi-Year Support
  • Fully Customizable Chart of Accounts
  • Trial Balance and Income Statement
  • Statistical Reports

Inventory Management System

  • Item Categorization
  • Item Definition including Item Name, Weight, etc...
  • Multiple Branch Support
  • Multiple Pricelist Support (each selling pricelist will be link to specific branch)
  • Multiple Warehouse Support (each Warehouse will be link to specific branch)
  • User permissions per Pages, functions, Warehouses and Branches.
  • Sales Order and Sales Invoice
  • Purchase order and Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Return and Purchase Return
  • Stock-In and Stock-Out to Manage Shrinkage Losses
  • Collect Multiple Purchase Order from branches within one page in order to generate purchase invoices smoothly
  • Ability to add external costs on Purchase Invoices (like Transportation)
  • Ability to link each purchase invoices different Drivers
  • Fully Integrated with Accounting
  • Statistical Reports
HR & Payroll

Human Resources Management System

  • Integrated and unified with accounting system.
  • Supports the use of multiple Centers/Sites/Branches.
  • Supports the use of multiple Departments and Company Management Hierarchy.
  • Manage all details related to Social Security.
  • Full Vacation Management.
  • Monthly or daily wages and/or salaries.
  • Management reports for various employee related information.
  • Detailed reports on salaries according to sites and departments.
  • Supports reports for various financial and administrative employee cards.
  • Dynamic Allowances with manual formulas.
  • Easy entering and recording all personal, administrative, family, warranty and tax information for employees.
  • Easy payable/deducted allowances.
  • Multiple salary models.
  • Ability to record daily and monthly attendance, as well as enter allowances information daily or monthly, depending on their nature.
  • Managing employees’ assessments and evaluation
  • Recording and posting of employee payments
  • Extract reports in multiple currencies.
  • Easy contracts follow-ups.
  • Supports various statistical reports.

Point of Sale Management System

  • Billing and Order Processing

POS System have the basic functionality of billing and order processing. It should be able to bill orders (Sales, Returns and Internal Orders) by scanning items and capturing different payment modes.

It has the capability to generate order invoice and reprint to end customer along with adding the discount, customer details and additional remarks to an order.

  • Sales monitoring and Reporting

POS system is be able to generate a robust report on sales result. It is able to report hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly takings and outgoings so that the merchants can easily understand the overall success of their business.

  • Cash Management (Cash In/out, Client Receipts and Expense/Supplier payments)
  • Customer Management

POS System have a pared-down CRM, or customer manager, as a part of its solution, so that you can track all your customer data.

  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Multiple Users Support
  • Multiple Branch Support
  • Products, Employees and Customers Statistical Reports


Flexible and dynamic screens to define flexible data in terms of currencies, exchange rates, users, and others.

Users Management

Users Management

  • Registering all user’s data and actions in the system with their usernames and passwords according to specified rights and permissions.
  • Ability to know and get all user’s action history per each operation.
Multiple Branches

Multiple Branches Support

Ability to manage multiple branches with full security and different user rights per each branch within the same database.

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

Consolidate and synchronize all data between different offline branches.

Multiple Companies

Multiple Companies Support

Can make many databases for different companies within the same system

Cost Centers

Cost Centers Support

Support five different unrelated trees of cost center with unlimited sizes and ability to issue all existing reports by cost centers.

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