Dynasoft BMS

Dynasoft BMS is a Business Management System for small and medium sized businesses. This comprehensive system of all computational work carried out in commercial companies is a substitute for traditional hand tools in conducting calculations, providing the user with qualitative transition in the work of daily, monthly and annual accounts. The program provides a distinctive user interface to facilitate access to all program features away from complex data entry and subsequent extraction steps to get business reports.


  • Table of items in stock with wide querying and grouping capabilities

  • Items’ movement report

  • Items’ Profit Report

  • Sales & Purchases report (visual graphs)

  • Multi-currency support

  • Discount and Tax support

  • Sales Man activity record

  • Buy / sell / return invoice

  • Payment management per invoice

  • Auto-calculation of stock variations according to invoice details

  • Financial assets management

  • Cash flow Management

  • Expenses & Revenues Registration

  • Money transfer control

  • Profit & Loss

  • Partners Management

  • Item Definition with ability to specify bar-code and adding images based on category classification

  • Ability to set discount percentage per item and/or per client

  • Dynamic sales invoice with the ability to link it to any dining table

  • Full support of multiple Currencies

  • Can calculate taxes automatically according to parameter chosen

  • Automatic printing on any receipt printer upon invoice delivery

  • Direct affection on stock items quantities upon invoice delivery

  • Received invoice can be done according to user privileges

  • Ability to link invoice to any defined client account

  • Invoice orders can be in pending status in order to be posted later

  • Multiple dynamic reports per each cashier or user

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